Messaging Software Development Kit


Worldspan WiredŽ Worldspan Wired solutions are used by many of the leading online travel agencies, airlines and a growing number of travel distributors. These proven solutions create superior e-commerce opportunities, boost travel distribution and transaction processing capabilities.  Using Worldspan Wired solutions, companies can develop advanced customized applications that serve their unique business needs.


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Worldspan XML PRO


What can Worldspan XML Pro do for You?

Lower total costs:
Standardized on OTA based messages. Lower total development, infrastructure, and maintenance costs (WebServices).
Broadest reach:
Constant expansion of content and distribution channels. Always expanding global content access and adding innovative functionality to meet the needs of growing distribution channels.
Unlimited flexibility:
Broadest range of content & industry leading functionality. All Worldspan capabilities, content, and technology are accessible.
Rapid implementation:
Most robust eCommerce infrastructure available. Well-refined implementation and support practices to implement and get operational as fast as possible.
Strong partnership:
Industry-leading online tools and resources for developers. Continual improvement of tools and references for the internal and external developer community.
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Worldspan XML Pro Product Tiers

Premium Implementation:
- Access to all distribution messages
- Full emulation capabilities
- No message restrictions (beyond booking ratios)

Standard Implementation:
- Access to all distribution messages
- Limited emulation capabilities
- Message limitation of 20K messages / day channels.

Limited Implementation:
- Non-airline distribution messages only
(no ePricing, shopping, flight booking)
- Car and Hotel GDS Functionality: Travel companies and distributors worldwide can create and interface car and hotel travel applications using this product.
- PNR Builder:Gives our supplier customers the same WOW (Worldspan on the Web) segment create and cancel messaging functionality that is given to customers who subscribe to our premium products.

Direct Connect Implementation:
- Targeted to Hotel and Car supplier connections
- All suppler-side messages
- First to Market with Hotel Direct Connect Solution

What's the Industry Buzz?

"GenaRes can now electronically build and update properties in Worldspan with unprecedented speed and efficiency," said Ursula Rhode, executive vice president for GenaRes. "We anticipate our operating and system maintenance costs will decrease significantly through the ability to exchange a broad range of structured data with the Worldspan GDS using this advanced messaging technology."

"We have established this partnership because Worldspan keeps us ahead of the technology curve. They provide the technologies and travel products that ensure our customers have superior online buying experiences," said Herbert Leitz, co-owner and chief executive officer of SKW Flugreisen. "Additionally, Worldspan easily scales to meet our growth requirements, and it is ideal that our technology partner is also the provider of our global travel content, including access to low fares worldwide."

"TUI is focused on innovative use of Web-based technologies with the goal of making our hotel and resort offerings more easily accessible to the end consumer," said Andreas Nau, head of Web Platforms -- Tourism for TUI AG. "Our Worldspan partnership will enable TUI to market hotels through one of the travel industry's most advanced distribution channels, achieve real-time connectivity with travel agents, and lend electronic marketing opportunities to more hoteliers through Worldspan's use of TUI Hotel Manager."

"Through one reliable source, Worldspan provides Dan Travel the significant value and scope of the GDS, along with the expertise and proven solutions from the leader in Web-based travel distribution," said Daniel Abraham, chief executive officer, Dan Travel, Inc. "This partnership will greatly enhance the global fares, pricing, availability and service our customers rely on from Dan Travel."